Tuesday, April 14, 2009

These Homeless Kids

It is 1:05 in Boston, a Sunday
12 days after my discharge, yup
It is 2002 and I find 10 cents on the T
Which I'll use towards today's Globe
So I can know a little about the goings on in this world
When I meet my mother for our first dinner in 3 years

I walk down JFK towards the old newsstand
Cuz if I know Billy he'll trade me an ice cold soda for
A couple of parliament lights anyday, and I get shoved
Off the sidewalk by some guy who's late for his
One o'clock in the boardroom

I dig my hands in my pockets to give me a little
Leverage if I get pushed again and find
Eighty five more cents way at the bottom which
Is great becuase the ATM ate my card today and
I don't even have an interview 'til Tuesday

When I get to the stand I can tell something's up
Cuz Billy he got that big grin on
"Here, I got ya a little present", he says as he
Hands me a plastic grocery bag wound tight
As if to say "open this somewhere else"

I take it down to the Garage, into the only public restroom
Left in this square, and shove the toilet paper where the sliding
Lock used to be to keep the door shut
I open the bag and find three warm bud lights and a roach

I go sit in the sun outside au bon pain reading the article
About how these homeless kids never make a life for themselves
And decide I'll tell my mother, as she's paying for dinner maybe
And hope she gives me a few bucks for my library fines

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