Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trying to make sense of it all

Welcome to my blog!

I am, regardless of my resistance, at a point in my life where I must choose a path, and likely then follow it for many years. I have resisted making this choice because I have no idea which path to choose; because so many paths seem to be calling me, teasing me, begging me to take a few steps in their direction. The only thing that has ever made sense to me is writing, but I understand that a career in writing is a longshot, with many people harboring the same wish, and the opportunities being few and far between.
I've started this blog as a way to force myself to write every day. My hope is that in doing so I begin to understand the work that goes into making a living writing. My guess is that for every 10 people who want to make a living writing only 5 of them could force themselves to write every day. My other hunch is that if anyone of those 10 is going to eventually have a successful writing career, it's one of the five who force themselves to write daily. I care very little about what I write. It is only important to me that I write, and that I write with intentionality, as, I might argue, any good writer does. My goal here is simply to utilize the space in a way that allows me over time to try and make a little sense of it all.
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